About Cari Giannoulias Design

Cari Giannoulias

Cari Giannoulias is known for her understated yet sophisticated interiors. Using eclectic pairings of precious and conventional, Cari creates tailored interiors with chords of low-key glamour. Inspired by her avid traveling and lifestyle, her aesthetic can best be described as well-mingled — mixing periods, styles, scales, textures and new with old. Her passion lies in the unintentional; however, her interiors appear deliberately collected over time with historical relevance and vernacular undertones. Her repertoire focuses on ground-up builds and extensive renovations that span anywhere from sprawling suburban estates to cosmopolitan flats and lavish vacation homes in the US and abroad.

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Lauren Lienhard

Wearing many hats since joining Giannoulias’ team over five years ago, Lauren is now Senior Designer at Cari Giannoulias Design. Lauren’s years of experience have allowed her to have an intuitive understanding of how a high end execution comes to life. Her passion for every detail accompanied by her balance of bold and classic combinations ensure that every room she touches is thoughtful, fresh, and inspiring.